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As per the rates announced by the GST Council for the textiles industry, customers can expect a surge in the prices of garments of over Rs 1,000. While ready-made clothing below that mark will also be taxed at 5%, those above that price range will be slapped with a 12% tax rate. And these online deals are not just restricted to fashion. Products from categories like home furnishings and interior design are also flying off the shelves. Shoppers can sit tight and avail of minimum 60% discounts on a range of items on Amazon including coffee tables, bean bags and wall shelves. Sellers are also offering premium products like recliners and sofa beds at 30% and 40% reduction on MRPs, respectively. Flipkart is also giving an extra 20% off on furnitures from HomeTown including modular closets and shoe cabinets. This follows the Council's announcement of tax rate on wooden furniture under the proposed structure. The rate of plywood, which is mainly used in the manufacture of most wooden furniture articles, will go up from the current average VAT rate of 5-6% to 28% under GST.

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