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Theresa May and Donald Tusk The proposal was initially rejected by MEPs five years ago over concerns about forced and child labour in the Uzbek cotton-picking industry. Image copyright AP Image caption Ecuador supplies around a quarter of the EU's banana imports A vote on whether to approve the new trade measures will be held on Wednesday, along with a ratification vote on an EU trade agreement with Ecuador. The deal with Ecuador was signed last month but must be approved by MEPs before it can fully come into effect. It would eliminate EU tariffs on Ecuadorian fish and industrial products, and increase market access for certain agricultural products. However lower tariffs on bananas would still be subject to annual import limits. Wednesday The morning sitting will be entirely devoted to a debate on the European Council summit at the end of this week. EU leaders will be discussing EU measures relating to migration, common EU defence policy, and how เสื้อครอบครัวราคาถูก to deal with the Dutch rejection of an EU partnership deal with Ukraine. The leaders of 27 EU states will also hold an informal meeting to discuss how to handle the Brexit process once the UK eventually triggers formal exit negotiations. Before the voting session at 11.00 GMT, Martin Schulz will make a statement about his decision not to seek a third term as the Parliament's president. He announced at the end of last month that he would instead be standing for election as an MP in the German Parliament.

Every product features the lowercase Clandestina logo, and many are emblazoned with cheeky sayings like "Beat the Heat, Have a Mojito!" or "99% Diseno Cubano." To commemorate Secretary of State John Kerry's visit in summer 2015 to open an American embassy in the country for the first time in 54 years, Clandestina made shot glasses and paper fans that read "Y sin embargo te quiero," which directly translates as "And still, I love you," with bonus wordplay referencing the American embargo. "Cuba is very extreme, so our messages promote loosening up a bit," explains del Rio, a petite Bauta native with short curly hair and a sharp sense of humor. She's in the passenger seat of Fernandez's Peugeot 307 as Fernandez drives them the 40 minutes from their retail store in Old Havana to the workshop in Bauta. "It's a good way to get through an intense situation. If you don't laugh about things here, you die," she says with a wink. View gallery . The Clandestina store in Old Havana. Photo: Hannah Berkeley Cohen for Racked They pull up to the small home and lug bags of supplies out of the car. It's a humid September afternoon and the house is completely empty, save for a back room filled with half a dozen seamstresses chattering in Spanish as they work at decades-old sewing machines under wall-mounted fans.

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