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Najib said that while the state talks about a pluralistic culture, there exists persistent attempts to declare Thailand officially Buddhist as only Cambodia has done. “Things will become more extreme if it becomes law. I am worried.” Asked how he might soothe the fears that Buddhism is under threat and needs to be enshrined in the constitution as the national religion, Najib said it’s beyond his ability. “It’s a belief, and beliefs are not knowledge. Buddhism has survived for 2,500 years, just like Islam has thrived for 1,400 years.

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A Simple A-to-z On Major Details In Thai Temple

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Simple Ideas On Indispensable Elements Of Thai Temple

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They live in the temple complex, wake up at the crack of dawn, attend to prayers and then venture out to collect food and alms. This daily alms ritual (called “tak baht”) is intrinsic to the Buddhist philosophy of attaining a better life beyond the temporal one. Massage, Anyone? Despite the profusion, and seeming homogeneity of Thai temples, each one has a distinct personality. Bangkok’s oldest and largest temple — Wat Pho — is possibly one of the most dazzling slices of real estate in all of Thailand. It is managed

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