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For instance, this story, a hoax about university students threatening to cut off their genitals if Trump carries out his plans to build the US-Mexico boarder wall, was debunked by the urban legends website Snopes and others . Clicking on the link to the story leads not to the text of the news story, but rather to a page of advertising: Image copyright Facebook In some cases, the video polls have a false premise at their heart. One example: Image copyright Facebook Obama has never asked to be on the $1 note (and anyway, even if he wanted to, US Treasury rules prohibit living people from appearing on currency ). The post contains another falsehood as well: "You need to SHARE this LIVE post before you React." Although you don't have to share any Facebook post before you react to it, claiming that you do might trick some people into doing both - thus giving the video a further boost according to the network's algorithm. Several of the people sharing the polls declare Veles connections in their Facebook profiles. Image copyright Facebook A report by Buzzfeed, the news outlet that initially identified the Veles cluster , said that before the US election, the most popular false news stories were shared on Facebook more times than the most popular stories from mainstream media outlets. Facebook and other social networks have since started to put in place a number of measures to combat the spread of false stories , and there have also been a host of independent initiatives to try to tackle the problem . Image caption Veles gained notoriety as a centre for false news production As for the fake news writers of Veles, it appears they're motivated more by profit than politics. "Teenagers in our city don't care how Americans vote," one fake news writer in the city told the BBC in December.

PHOTOS: Joey + Rory through the years In it he shares stories of how they met, their engagement, and the time Joey told Rory she thought he was her destiny but said she would likely marry the man she was then dating. He also describes a time before he met Joey when he had a relationship with his friends wife and nearly abandoned his two eldest daughters, who he says were just "kids" when he bought a bus ticket one night to "anywhere but here" and nearly committed to "starting a new life." (He got off the bus in Kentucky and came home to Nashville.) RELATED | Rory Feek shares wife Joey's last words You have to share the scary parts and the parts when youve been not such a good guy, he says, and I feel like I was excited to get to share all of those moments, as many as I could. The chapters likely to linger in readers' minds, however, are the ones illuminated by Joeys presence. Rory writes on the first page, I am famous for loving my wife. Theirs was a powerful connection, one that overused words like love and soulmate cant fully encapsulate, he says. Instead, he describes their connection as magical. Were not just compatible, shes the other half, he says. Shes the better half of me, and I know she would say the same thing for me. Nearly a year after Joeys death, Feek says things feel exactly the same, which he attributes to his amazing wife and their beautiful กระเป๋า ZARA แท้ marriage. I still feel like Im still in the middle of it right now, and thats a wonderful gift. While Feek says writing assisted in the grieving process, documenting moments with Joey also helped him remember their time together. The duo dubbed Joey + Rory is nominated for a Grammy this year, which means Rory is on the hook to attend the awards show Sunday because of a promise he made Joey that กระเป๋า CHARLES & KEITH ราคาถูก he was reminded of by his blog. I had forgotten that she had (asked me to go) and so Im so thankful for the blog, that I have those moments to look back on and the book will be the same way, he says.

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