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Both firms are said to be suspending sales or discontinuing several crisp brands after Japan suffered its worst potato harvest in at least 34 years. Typhoons and floods in Hokkaido, its main potato-growing region, last year caused a shortage of the vegetable. Calbee looked to cover the shortfall by increasing US potato imports, but that proved insufficient to meet demand. According to local media reports, including The Japan Times and The Manichi , Calbee and Koike-Ya are halting shipments of 49 potato crisp products. Image copyright Calbee Calbee, which owns more than half of Japan's snack food market, saw shares fell by more than 1% to a two-month low on Tuesday. Koike-ya, which is Japan's second-largest snack maker, saw shares tumble by 3.5% on Tuesday. Both companies declined to comment whether there would be an impact on their upcoming earnings. Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Japan's northernmost island of Hokkaido produces 80% of the country's potatoes Retail potato prices have been rising nearly 20% every month since last October, according to Japan's Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. The higher prices are being felt in Tokyo, where 1kg of potatoes now costs 402 yen (2.95; $3.60), compared with 336 yen in the same month a year ago, Reuters news agency said.

Im an independent soul. Usually, when Im working, Im the brand. As a journalist, its not about you. Doinas Julien Macdonald review All hail female empowerment. Or so indicated designer Julien Macdonald backstage after successfully debuting his autumn/winter 2017 collection. Female empowerment, feminism and their ilk are the terms du jour for the fashion set right now. New York fashion week gave collection after collection where womens rights were the focus. But where New Yorks designers offered up feminism in the guise of slogan tees and underwear surely destined for fame as a hashtag, Macdonald interpreted it through his concept of a future where technology has such an impact on fashion that clothes are made on demand, tailored to the shape of every individual woman. For Macdonald that is, of course, a particular style of clothing and a particular type of woman. One empowered, one confident. If feminism is a thread that runs through Macdonalds winter 2017 collection, its the same feminism that the likes of Emily Ratajkowski can be found celebrating: that a woman can express herself and her person at a time of her choosing, Laura Mulveys male gaze be damned.

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