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And women who suffered from skin cancer or psoriasis needed all-over skin protection. Combined, these women had quietly become a significant part of the New Rochelle, N.Y., companys customer base. So Teutsch and Wolf began designing athletic wear with them in mind, and now they offer everything from swim tops with built-in mastectomy bras to workout gear that offers compression, as well as skin-protecting suits with sleeves and longer legs. Indeed, while improving the lives of all sorts of women has always been a focus for Teutsch and Wolf, catering to women with special health needs has become one cornerstone of their business. And it has paid off -- both financially and personally. Teutsch says newly empowered customers frequently write to say they never wanted to be active and felt uncomfortable being in the water until finding HydroChic. Dipping a Toe Into Entrepreneurial Waters Before starting up, Teutsch, 59, and Wolf, 45, were educators -- Wolf taught history in Westchester, N.Y., and Teutsch taught in a resource roomat a private high school in Boston. On the side, they both worked as sales representatives at a womens hat business, which is how they met one another 16 years ago. Entrepreneurship had always appealed to the two women, and as they discussed ideas for future ventures, their brainstorming always stayed in the fashion world. After kicking around several possibilities, they found inspiration during a day at the beach together in the summer of 2006. The women discovered a shared love of swimming -- and a shared distaste for revealing bathing suits borne of their needs as religious Jewish women.

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Several rebels believed the บิกินี่ สาวอวบ aid halt was temporary, with new arrangements expected, but there was no clarity yet. Confirming the freeze, two senior FSA sources said donor states were aiming to send the aid to one, unified fighting force - a coherence that has eluded rebels throughout Syria's civil war. One of the FSA officials said he did not expect the rebels to be abandoned as they represent the best hope for blocking a further expansion of Sunni jihadist influence in Syria, and to fight back against the growing role of Iran there. DECLINING REBEL บิกินี่ FORTUNES Idlib and nearby areas of Aleppo, Hama and Latakia provinces are among the last footholds of the anti-Assad insurgency in western Syria - the part of the country where he has shored up his rule by holding onto the main cities and the coast. Islamists have long been seen as the more formidable insurgent force in the northwestern Idlib area though a dozen or more U.S.-vetted FSA groups have also operated there and nearby. Last month's militant assault on the FSA groups was launched by a group formerly known as the Nusra Front, al Qaeda's official affiliate in the war until last year when it formally cut ties and renamed itself Jabhat Fateh al-Sham. The jihadist onslaught led several FSA groups to merge with the powerful Islamist faction Ahrar al-Sham, widely believed to be backed by Assad's foreign adversaries in the region. That will likely give pause to foreign donors: Ahrar al-Sham is set apart from the FSA factions by a strongly Sunni Islamist ideology and it has previously fought alongside the Nusra Front. Military aid to rebel groups has ebbed and flowed throughout the life of the program, U.S. officials said, as Washington and its allies have kept a close eye on any leakage to more militant factions, something one official called "a constant problem".

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