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But at a minimum, as things stand, it looks to me as though they could certainly re-impose border controls if they chose to. The situation with Ireland's border is more complex. For those of us for whom Northern Ireland is home, the total disappearance of military check points on the border is one of the most tangible daily reminders of the end of the Troubles and no one wants a border like that back. But, when the day comes when Ireland is in the EU and the UK is not, then the Irish border of course is also going to be the UK's land border with the European Union. Conservative leader Theresa May has said we don't see a return to the borders of the past, but the reality is that if Britain leaves the common customs area, then presumably some sort of checks are going to be necessary on that border. And if the UK wants to stop Polish or Romanian migrant workers using Dublin airport as a back door into the UK, then it is going to have to do something about that too. Of course, what it will all mean for towns and villages like Belleek and Belcoo in County Fermanagh, find out this here which more or less straddle the border, is hard to imagine. How will access to healthcare change for expats living in the EU, asks Veronique Bradley, who lives in Italy. Healthcare is one of those issues that remains relatively simple as long as the UK remains in the EU. It is just part of a range of citizens' rights that apply across the entire union. After Brexit, I suppose there will be two possibilities.

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